We are continually taking new interns & volunteers including individuals:
  • Working on pre-requisites for PT school
  • Improving their resume
  • Needing internship for undergraduate graduation
  • Assessing if PT is the right career choice

As an Interns or volunteers:
  • We discuss goals for the internship with each individual
  • We develop a plan to meet all goals
  • Interns/Volunteers are allowed to take part in training for assisting in patient care
  • Emphasis on education with anatomy books, models, and patient examples
  • Internship can include patient focus from pediatrics to geriatrics

McNeese students are welcome to apply for internship
  • New Interns are accepted on a continual basis and available to fulfill 240 hour requirementMCNEESE_teamlogo.gif
  • Case study examples are also readily available and with patient permission, can be posted on out website
  • Observation includes PT evaluation, re-evaluation, exercise prescription, manual therapy, myofascial release, modalities, and many other treatment approaches
  • Time available to work with each physical therapist for Q and A sessions
  • Observation of speech therapy and occupational therapy also available

If you are interested, please submit your resume by fax or email. You may also drop off your resume in person

All students interested in an internship or volunteer work must fill out the following form to be included with their current resume:

Simply click on the banner and print the form